What to Expect

Installation, Refinishing and Repairs


  • If you are having a new floor installed, store the hardwood in the room where the floor will be installed for at least 72 hours before the scheduled installation. This will allow the moisture content of the wood to adjust to the ‘normal living conditions’. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for more details
  • Remove all items from the room(s) including furnishings, draperies, pictures, paintings, etc.
  • Cover air returns and other openings with several layers of cheese cloth to prevent light dust from entering
  • Ensure the area where your floor is being installed is kept at a relative humidity as recommended by the flooring manufacturer (see care & maintenance for more information)


  • First Grade Flooring takes precautions to contain dust to the area where the work is being executed but a fine dust should be expected
  • Be prepared for noise and disruption


  • It is strongly recommended that felt pads are used on the bottoms of all furniture to minimize scratches and dents in your new floor
  • Place small mats inside and outside door entrances to prevent dirt and debris from scratching the floor
  • Avoid using mats or area rugs with rubber backings – they may discolour your floor
  • It is normal to see variations in the appearance of the floor – no 2 boards are identical
  • Some colour change may occur over time
  • Limit sun exposure and move furniture and rugs periodically to minimize colour changes
  • Cracks between floor boards will appear and disappear depending on the season/humidity levels
  • Keep your floors looking their best with proper care and maintenance